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Before any treatment at HolisticArts, we offer a free telephone consultation to establish yours needs. This allows us an opportunity to create a Bespoke Treatment with Aftercare Advice which suits You! 


· Stressed/grieving/anxious? · Low self-esteem? · Painful-achy muscles/joints? · Neck/shoulder/back tension?· Sinusitis, ear/throat aches? · Digestive disorders? · Headaches & migraines?· Lack of energy/exhaustion?· Insomnia  or Sleep concerns?

Complementary Medicine promotes good health whilst working alongside traditional medicine. The key to a healthy body is to treat the basic problem, which is usually caused by stress. The treatments work on physical, mental, emotional & spiritual psyche bringing about total relaxation. Our techniques can help ease stressed muscles & joints, soothe or invigorate your body which improves well-being. At HolisticArts, we look at all aspects of our client & create a bespoke treatment to suit their individual needs.


Looking good is a product of head to toe Skin Health…Our Facial & Body (Polishes, Wraps & Massages) Treatments help provide the therapeutic benefits of only the purest hand-blended ingredients. This ensures total body harmony, leaves you relaxed, invigorate & your skin feeling amazing!


Our deluxe nail collection includes exfoliation, massage, paraffin-wax-mask, cuticle care, plus Nails will be beautifully filed, shaped, buffed and smoothed. And a ginger-lime scrub will polish your hands & feet clear of any rough dead skin, leaving them silky smooth. If that is not enough to relax, you will be treated with a luxurious volcanic-clay-mask intended to detoxify & for deeper penetration of skin’s nutrients. This is followed by a lavish, moisturising deep tissue massage. A basecoat is applied to your nails then finished-off with a French polish, an elegant look that remains popular today.

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