Animal Sharmanic Totems


Totems or Guides whether animal, angelic, ancestral or spiritual are our most powerful influence in everyone’s lives. You may not recognize their presence or feel them, but know that you have your own sharmanic guides by your side waiting to offer support & guidance whenever you are open to their assistance. Their assistance can come in many different forms. Learn how to focus directly on reaching your place of self-realization.

When Animal & other Sharmanic Totems come into your life they are giving you an overall & more specific message. The message is dependent on the animal’s habitat as well as it’s individual characteristics: A Bird’s overall symbol is Freedom, whereas a Magpie’s more specifically message indicate you are seeing only in black & white, so be less tunnel-visioned so you can see gray-shades-in-between. To discover more about the fascinating realm of animal totems and how to use animal magic cards… Contact ShirleyAnn Nelson…

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