Reiki Massage: Mind, Body & Spirit



A unique body massage incorporating Reiki’s Chakra Balancing Healing Energy that relax the muscles, allowing the treatment to work at a deeper level.  A deeply relaxing massage that combines gentle stretching stokes to relieve achy muscles & joints whilst deep manipulations along the acupressure points and chakra reflexes help detect body energy imbalances & open-up the natural meridian energy lines. The addition of our Seaweed Extracts & Massage Oils, leaves your skin nourished, hydrated & your body de-stressed…useful for easing tension, reducing aches & pains. Crystals are placed along the chakras to open up energy pathways and absorb negativity. This luxurious treatment is a popular holistic healing course to balance the body’s energy centres & promote the body’s own healing. Integrated treatments are a natural, safe method that induce a state of deep relaxation. It helps us release deep rooted emotions, balance the spirit, relieve muscular pain also promote our own well-being.

Reiki Massage Therapy is an ancient art of  holistic healing with its roots in both Ayurvedic & Reiki spiritual practice. Constant built-up stress & tension leads to accumulated stiffness, aches also headaches. By relaxing muscle & nerve fibres, it increases vitality, flexibility, relieves tension, pain plus fatigue.  The treatment also increases the brain’s oxygen supply, aiding clarity of thought, concentration and relieving mental strain. This helps stimulates endorphin release, helping natural pain relief, encourages body’s own healing & promotes restful sleep. The addition of our hand-blended Seaweed Massage Oils, leaves your skin nourished, hydrated & your body de-stressed…

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