Therapeutic-Paraffin-Spa Therapy


Promotes “deep-heat-therapy”, an effective treatment to reduce arthritic pain & inflammation, sports’ related injuries or stiff joints; it is especially suited for the hands/feet finished by an aromatherapy massage. It is an excellent optional extra when booking a manicure or pedicure. This is a luxurious treatment , intended to moisturise and soften the skin. Paraffin wax is not like “hot” wax that is used for body hair removal, that wax type is much more viscous & bonds to the skin. Paraffin wax is a softer wax because of the paraffin oil component and melts at a lower temperature, so the wax remains cooler.

During your treatment, we dip your hands or feet several times into the melted wax to create a thick layer. Paraffin wax treatments are particular popular in the winter because the skin is bathed in warmth that helps to open pores, softens the skin & provide a great deal of moisture to dry or cracked skin.

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