Nail Collection


Deluxe Manicure:

Our deluxe manicure includes exfoliation, massage, paraffin wax hand-mask plus cuticle care. Your Nails will be beautifully  filed, shaped, buffed and smoothed.  Then your Cuticles carefully soaked, pushed back and trimmed.  If that is not enough to relax, your hands will be treated with a luxurious paraffin wax hand-mask intended to soften, moisturise & bath the skin in warmth.  Using a ginger-lime scrub your hands will be exfoliated of any rough dead skin cells leaving them silky smooth.  This is followed by a lavish, moisturising deep tissue hand & arm massage. A basecoat is applied to your nails then finished-off  with a French polish, an elegant look that remains popular today.

Luxury Pedicure & Lower Leg Treatment:

A Cadillac of pedicures, this luxurious leg/foot treatment brings the added benefit of thermal paraffin wax treatment or warm mud-foot-mask for deeper penetration of the oils & moisturisers. Excellent for increasing circulation and alleviate achy tired feet. Relax, enjoy a foot, ankle and lower leg massage, it’s pure indulgence.  Choose between energising ginger, calming lavender or revitalising citrus oils for this luxury treatment. Hard skin is buffed, cuticles groomed, then your nails beautifully shaped & finish with a French polish.

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