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Luscious Seaweed Polish & Gem Facial:

What goes on your face goes into your face, that’s why at HolisticArts, we only use the finest ingredients in our hand-blended products. So treat yourself to a exfoliating & nourishing Seaweed Dead Seasalt Treatment. Facial skin is prone to dehydration, especially in the winter. This lack of water causes the skin’s natural exfoliating cycle to slow down. Luscious jojoba & sweet almond oils rich in emollients,  allows us to gently exfoliate, taking your skin from flaky to fabulous. As our skin also needs moisturising, we have added nourishing seaweed extracts &  healing aloe-vera to leave your skin silky smooth. We finish-off with a soothing Gem Facial using Ayurvedic Acuppressure.

Nourishing Mud & Seaweed Facial:

Nature’s best skin nourishment source of cell-regenerating nutrients & a great ingredient in our skincare secrets is seaweed. Our Bladderwrack Seaweed Extracts found in North Sea have potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties which are high in vitamins to aid skin-healing & rejuvenation. We combine seaweed extracts with the detoxifying white-clay like the ancient Egyptians used in their bathing rituals. The mud is rinsed away, leaving your skin unbelievably smooth.  Your skin is further pampered by a moisturizing massage. This treatment can be enjoyed after a facial polish… this fantastically experience leaves your skin deep-cleansed & soft as silk.



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