Crystal Healing & Gem Facial Treatment


Crystal therapy is an ancient healing system concerned with treating patients holistically through the precise placement of crystals on the body & the surrounding room. Unlike Western healthcare, who focus on treating one symptom or ailment at a time, crystal therapy addresses the patient as a whole -paying as much attention to his or her spiritual & emotional well-being as to their physical health.

Unravel the mysteries of Crystal Healing & learn how their origins assists you in their use…Black onyx was first used as a mirror by Cleopatra…Its reflective/absorptive properties allow the user to repel negativity while enhancing positive power…Were Cleopatra’s seductive powers born from her knowledge of Onyx? Crystals have been used, revered & enjoyed for thousands of years for their aesthetic beauty, also they seem to invoke peace, relaxation and harmony. Its a non-invasive, natural therapy that can leave you feeling refreshed & de-stressed – a perfect platform for improved physical health. Finished off with a gem facial. Treatment can be used inconjunction with many other therapies.

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