Foodaceuticals™: Mind & Mood Food



ShirleyAnn Nelson will be launching her Foodaceuticals™:  Mind & Mood Food E-Book by the end of this year. She has based her new E-Book on her combined knowledge as a professional chef, Reiki-Master-Teacher & Holistic Healer. ShirleyAnn’s book is divided into 3 sections:                                                   

1. Food Molecules: What do they do for your Body? 2. ABCs of Foodaceuticals: Factual Alphabetical List 3. Vegetarian, Pescetarian & Meat Recipes:    90+ recipes using Healing Foods

This interactive hands-on cooking-workshop explores more unusual & also common foods, then features them in scrumptious recipes. Learn more about the healing properties of food, their effect on you and your clients. In addition, discover how Food Molecules function in the body & interesting facts about the ABCs of Foodaceuticals. Then look-over her 90+ Foodaceutical recipes & choose which 5 recipes you would like to create & taste-test… How about including our Prawn & Snow Pea Shooter,  see above featured picture.



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