Chakra Reflexes Therapy


Chakra Body Energy Centres become blocked due to our busy stressful lifestyle. ShirleyAnn has weaved her understanding of Reiki & Reflexology with other alternative healing techniques to create an unique healing treatment. It uses chakras, meridians & reflexes to release negativity, de-stress stress & create total harmony. Learn how the knowledge of chakras helps to unlock the mysteries of your client’s emotional health. And how to identify when chakras are out of sync…and understand why headaches or SAD is associated with a blocked crown chakra. This treatment can be performed on its own or inconjunction with other therapies. Chakra Reflexes Therapy is another energy balancing treatment. Its deep acuppressure manipulations on your feet chakra reflex points helps detect body energy imbalances whilst opening-up the natural meridian-energy-lines. Crystals are placed along the chakras to open-up energy pathways and absorb negativity.

The basis of this exquisite treatment is ear, foot & hand reflex acupressure, using exotic blends of essences chosen for their harmonising qualities. It involves deep relaxation of the nervous system, sensuous lymphatic drainage & subtle chakra healing. A luxurious foot spa is proceeded by an exfoliating foot polish using our own hand-blended dead seasalt scrub. Additional healing tools & techniques are also included in our teachings. We also use our unique aftercare-advice-questionaire to assist you in determining blockages…This is especially useful if you have no previous Reiki experience…

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